GM NFT Community, how are you?

Here is a small presentation of Joker´s Cherrys NFT. With this project I want to prove that even a small brand can make a name for itself with NFT technology. The knowledge and contacts from a community all over the world combined, will have much power to grow a nice big brand, every holder can benefit from. Every future owner should know that if he helps Joker´s Cherrys grow, he and all others involved will benefit from the brand becoming bigger.

Each holder can make suggestions as well as ideas and contacts. Some future decisions of the company will be made by voting to find the best way to grow.

There are 3 Types of NFTs available with different benefits.

Allocation: 1777 NFTs total.

  • NFT

    1000 Gold for 0.038 $ETH

    Claim 1 real bottle of finest Joker's Cherrys Sour Cherry liqueur, access raffles, access to JC Discord, Airdrops, Discounts at JC Shopify Store, free access to JC drinking game app.

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  • NFT

    700 Platin for 0.094 $ETH

    All benefits from Gold + invitation to JC events, voting right for future decisions!

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  • NFT

    77 Black for 0.187 $ETH

    All benefits from Gold & Platin + JC surprise Box, free access to all JC events, preferential sale VIP Tickets for all future JC events.

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  • Background information

    Over time, all 3 will receive more utilitys.

    After selling out there will be a burning page, for those of you who want to upgrade:
    4 Gold -> 1 Platin
    3 Platin -> 1 Black

    100 Gold, 70 Platin and 22 Black NFTs are retained for future team members and cooperations.

    92% of the income from the NFTs goes directly into the company wallet only 8% is my sales commission.
    At the moment there is a stock of around 2600 bottles best liqueur (value approximately 40.000€) with extraordinary new label design, a homepage, some merch designs, the NFT project and some concepts that are ready to enter the market. After selling the NFTs the company will also hold 95 ETH. This is for future investments to grow the brand with the help of all holders.

    Over time, we'll need some more people working for the company, so we will also generate jobs, when this happens, holders will be asked first if anyone with experience is interested to occupy the position.

  • Goals

    Imagine the feeling to stand in a bar or club and order a bottle of your own liqueur to drink it with your friends.
    One goal of Joker´s Cherrys is to become an international Brand with different products such as a JC Slush for festivals or very exclusive, ultra-high quality premium liqueur bottles. We want to become not just a modern alcohol brand but a lifestyle and party brand and expand into a wide variety of areas. The main goal of Joker´s Cherrys is to organize crazy festivals and also to run exclusive nightclubs all over the world.

    Join the Joker's Cherrys community and help us build the world's craziest future party empire.

    There are so many ideas for events and new products, let's work together and vote in which direction this brand will grow.

    Thank you for your time, and we look forward to building a crazy future with you!

    Life is a Joke!