About us

  • Hey, we want to briefly introduce our vision to you. Joker's Cherrys is all about a hyped lifestyle with products that make life funnier. We plan different types of alcohol and flavours, refreshing summer drinks in cans, a stylish clothing collection, cool gadgets like our own drinking game app, and loads of events and parties - up to our own club.

    Joker's Cherrys is the result of an old family recipe that I learned from my parents as a teenager. My mother and father had different recipes, so I came up with my own - using the best ingredients to create the awesome taste of Joker's Cherrys Sour Cherry Liqueur.

    My friends and acquaintances were so excited about it at parties that they wanted to buy more. But at the time, I could only produce very small amounts at home, so I came up with the idea of turning it into a real business. It wasn't easy, but thats how Joker´s Cherrys was born and now I can proudly say I run my own liqueur brand.

  • We stand for tradition, quality, sustainability, and innovation, which are very important to us. Our liqueur is made only from natural ingredients and regional fruits. We're proud that our product doesn't contain any artificial flavors or preservatives and meets the highest quality standards. We use sustainable materials for the production and packaging of our bottles to protect the environment.

    Joker's Cherrys stands for lifestyle and enjoyment. We want to appeal to people who celebrate life and are looking for something special. Our brand should stand out from others and take a special place in the lives of our customers.

Our motto: Life is a Joke.

About Me

  • Noah Haidl

    Founder and CEO of Joker´s Cherrys

    My Motto: Life is a joke so live like the Joker!

    About me:
    I'm from Germany and 27 years old. I love motorcycling, meeting new people and especially traveling all over the world, tattoos and parties.

    Let's build something big together!